Capo settings

I’m running 2020.0 on Mac 10.14.6. I’ve attempted to make use of the capo feature in the Details section of Song Edit. The song is in the key of Bb. I’ve input a ‘3’ so the song may be played in the key of G with a capo on the 3rd fret.

I seem to recall in the past that this would add a second row of capo’d chords either to the Stage Display or to the Song print-out. That is not the case for me now. Am I recalling correctly, or is this a dream I had … perhaps still have.


I don’t think this was ever added to the stage display - it definitely used to be on the song print-out though. I must admit though this feature was never really used as much as we anticipated, so we haven’t tested it in a while and it’s possible it’s been inadvertently broken somewhere along the line.

Can you create a Github issue so we’ve got something to track against when we have a closer look?