Concern about github blocking access from Cuba and other nations to their services

Hi. I am a sound engineer (and programmer) in a Cuban church that uses Quelea as the main means for the reproduction of videos as well as the projection of biblical verses, songs and of course the organization of services. I am really worried since github has begun to block access to its repositories from Cuba and to block the accounts of users of Cuban developers who live here on the island. My concern is mainly focused on the real possibility that my colleagues who use windows (currently I use Linux Mint and install Quelea via snap store) stop receiving updates from Quelea or are prevented from downloading new installers of this wonderful software since It is hosted on github and I have not seen any alternative download mirror. Could the inclusion of any alternative way to download and update Quelea on Windows be considered by the development team? Thank you.

God bless you abundantly.

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Yes, it’s a real shame and not something we intended. I’d like to see Github, at a minimum, allow read only access to repositories (or at least whitelisted repositories they’ve marked as genuine), but who knows if that will actually happen.

In the meantime, please direct anyone else to the above link, or just this forum (we’ll keep that pinned to the top.)


Thank you for you quick response. The cuban community of Jesus followers will be pleased with this. God bless you.