How do I download Quelea on my Macbook Pro?

How do I download Quelea on my Macbook Pro? I get sent to a page with a bunch of confusing information.

The direct link for downloading Quelea for Mac is here:

@berry120, perhaps we should change the download link to point to this address instead so that you won’t have to scroll down to find the links?

Yup, I think that makes sense.

Or, having said that, maybe create a separate markdown page just with those links we can point to?

Blessings and thank you. I’m under pressure to display today and Sunday’s service going forward as we have moved to a temporary church and can’t use our old computer.

I need to know if I could have the setting in English but display in Spanish?

I am having a hard time setting the Spanish bible we need, called Reyna Valera 1969, can anyone help?

I also need to find a way to download lyrics for Spanish songs and can not seem to find a way.

I would like to display our logo and our background and on top song lyrics, is that possible if so how?

I’m so sorry to be in such panic, our distric’s supervisors and region bishop are coming so please understand I’m also so new at multimedia ministry and I’m all alone. God is with me and will use you all for his Glory.

Mr. Eddie Rivera / Director of SOS.SNTS

Sorry for the slow reply, I’ve been busy this weekend. Hope you’ve managed to set it up properly anyways. I’ll reply to your questions below:

Sure, you can have one interface language and display a song or a passage in any other language.

A user posted a link in our old discussion group, but if you cannot access it any more, this is the link he posted there:

We don’t supply any song lyrics due to copyright reasons, but you could always post a question in the discussion group if anyone has lyrics they would be willing to share with you privately. Other than that, all I can suggest is to find the lyrics online and copy/paste it into Quelea.

If you create an image with the background you want to use, you can always use a theme to display the background you want to. The logo button is intended for hiding the lyrics, not to be a background image.

Sure, that might be better! We could always link back to the GitHub page if anyone is looking for the source code or the CI releases from there.