Features & Issues: Post 3/8 - Themes & Layering

Feature Improvements & Issues … let’s talk about Quelea.

Issue 3:

Well, I have talked about the layering design in a previous post but that one might require a very serious redesign or quelea.
Should we do that?
Maybe not, but at the very least we should be able to apply a new theme to a current live song with one click.
This should be an option via the HTTP API too!

The way to test out different themes is sooooooo cumbersome right now.
I just want to press once on the theme and it applies to the current live view.
I want to be able to have the song live and be able to cycle over different themes because I want to be able to select the best one and why not?
OpenLP seems a bit easier but it’s still behind along with quelea compared to ProPresenter( I don’t really like ProPresenter personally to be honest but it has lots of merits.).


This is not difficult to implement.

  1. Default Global theme.
  2. Default Song theme. (if not selected default to Global)
  3. Current theme! (If not selected Default to song theme)

It’s not hard. I can change multiple themes per slide and even have one for each slide.
How cool is that?!
The current themes will not be stored. Although we should be able to include metadata in the current slide or song part section.

Let me give you an example.
We can store cords for the current song part. Therefore we can store metadata such as theme ID or name. When that slide comes up the theme comes up.
The theme name should be also the type of metadata we can edit in the text editor.
Reference here to Issue 2 in the previous post.
So now the theme and other metadata are in text form and we can do external processing to do batch processing!
This is a new level of epicness!
Think about the possibilities here!