Creating a new slide without making a new verse

I’m new to quelea and i started create songs.
I tried to cut one verse in the middle and display it on two slides.
But when I use the song sequence feature only the first slide of the verse is displayed. The second part isn’t visible.

We used openlp in our church there i could part the verses wirth the Code: —

Is there a way to do the same in Quelea?

PS: I know that it works without the Song sequence. But i dont want type every Verse/chorus serveral times.
Because I’m a lazy person :wink:


Welcome to the Quelea community! That’s unfortunately a bug that we didn’t account for when we added the song sequence feature in the latest release.

I plan to add support for multi-slide sections that hopefully could be in place for the next stable release, though I can’t say how soon that will be released. I’ll let you know when it’s in the CI release anyways, in case you’d want to try it out before the next stable release.

Until then I suppose you’d have to either name all the slides (for instance name one part ‘Chorus 1’ and the second part ‘Chorus 2’) or reduce all sections to one slide if you want to use the song sequence feature.



Thanks for you fast reply,
then I will use numbers for my slides. Because I love the song sequencey, it’s a really great feature.

Michael just pointed out that you should be able to use the structure Verse 1A and Verse 1B and both sections will be picked up with V1. (See this thread)