Has Quelea been abandoned?

There have been no responses or accepted commits since November last year!
So what is going on? Any news, anyone?

I hope not. I would hate to have to find a new software to do the projecting with. I have grown to love Quelea. (EDIT) I got to looking at the posts and your correct. It’s like the developers have all been kidnapped by aliens or something. Or did the rapture happen and we missed it?
(Second edit) It is odd that Berry has not responded. Maybe he is just tied up.

I would hate that,
but there isn’t any activity anywhere I found since December of last year,
at least in the 10 minutes i spend on my search.

@berry120 was active in the quelea github repo in december, and still is in private repos

Hi guys - no, definitely not abandoned!

My excuse - I’ve recently had a baby. Juggling those additional (wonderful!) responsibilities alongside work and other aspects of life hasn’t left as much time for Quelea in the last few months as I’d have liked, but I hope to get back into it soon, focusing on the video issues as a priority.

My day job involves a number of private repos on Github, so that’s why you’ll see that I’m more continually active in that regard.

Congratulations Berry!
Welcome to lack of sleep.
Stay well my friend.

David Guice
Solid Rock Bible Church
Springtown, Texas

Do you have any plans to make someone co-admin on the repo so that he can share the workload with you?
Maybe someone that has been with you or the project for a long time and is intimately familiar with it.
Actually, there already might be someone and if so can you point us to who we can keep in touch with about the project development?

Congratulations to all of you, Michael. Happy to read this!