Has Quelea been abandoned?

There have been no responses or accepted commits since November last year!
So what is going on? Any news, anyone?

I hope not. I would hate to have to find a new software to do the projecting with. I have grown to love Quelea. (EDIT) I got to looking at the posts and your correct. It’s like the developers have all been kidnapped by aliens or something. Or did the rapture happen and we missed it?
(Second edit) It is odd that Berry has not responded. Maybe he is just tied up.

I would hate that,
but there isn’t any activity anywhere I found since December of last year,
at least in the 10 minutes i spend on my search.

@berry120 was active in the quelea github repo in december, and still is in private repos

Hi guys - no, definitely not abandoned!

My excuse - I’ve recently had a baby. Juggling those additional (wonderful!) responsibilities alongside work and other aspects of life hasn’t left as much time for Quelea in the last few months as I’d have liked, but I hope to get back into it soon, focusing on the video issues as a priority.

My day job involves a number of private repos on Github, so that’s why you’ll see that I’m more continually active in that regard.


Congratulations Berry!
Welcome to lack of sleep.
Stay well my friend.

David Guice
Solid Rock Bible Church
Springtown, Texas

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Do you have any plans to make someone co-admin on the repo so that he can share the workload with you?
Maybe someone that has been with you or the project for a long time and is intimately familiar with it.
Actually, there already might be someone and if so can you point us to who we can keep in touch with about the project development?

Congratulations to all of you, Michael. Happy to read this!

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Congratulations Michael!

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Congratulations…I do hope you are all getting some sleep … blessings to you and you lovely family

Just to add an explanation from my side as well: I haven’t abandoned Quelea either, I’ve just had to pause my engagement a bit.

It’s been a blessing being able to serve the Kingdom of God through Quelea, but the past few years I’ve had to prioritize other ways to do it. I’ve been headhunted to develop a Christian audio book platform in Sweden that was released about a year ago (which also means I’m less motivated to code when I get home from a workday). Also, among other things, my second book will be published in about a month, I’ve become the leader of a new church plant and I regularly preach or play/sing in other churches, so the available time for Quelea has unfortunately shrunk over the years.

I’m still responding to emails and fully endorse the project though, even if I might not actively be developing at the moment. If time opens up in the future, I’ll of course continue to support Quelea in the ways I can.

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As of today August 20th 2023 the website no longer loads and sadly it’s been this way for several weeks. I know that the developers are saying they have not abandoned the project but the evidence I am sorry to say says other wise. I hate to begin the search for a new software package but I am afraid that at this point I must. Quelea has been great to use but if this is the last version of it then I will move on.

What made you choose Quelea?

At the time the price and the capabilities of the software. Now I’m just sad that it has come to this end.


Site is back up now and migrated across to Github pages to hopefully avoid any future issues - sorry about that, it was on an old server that ran out of credits. It may take up to 24 hours to propagate around everywhere, HTTPS may take a little longer to roll out.

In terms of development work - part of the reason for the delay is that the biggest obvious thing to work on / sort out is the video issues on Linux - and that’s going to likely require a whole bunch of work, possibly a rewrite of the video side of things - which in turn is going to require a decent chunk of time put aside.

I am aiming to get back into it soon, albeit later than originally planned - but I’m afraid I can’t give a timeframe (I wouldn’t want anyone to make decisions based off a random estimate I pulled out my hat.) We’ll likely skip 2023 as a release year, but at the moment I’m certainly not aiming to make 2022 the last release of Quelea, far from it.

Of course - if you’re concerned about the break in release cadence and lack of activity at the moment and feel like exploring other options, that’s totally valid! As I’ve always said, the most important thing is that your church & congregation are appropriately equipped to worship with a great solution that acts as a fantastic asset, not a hindrance. I hope Quelea is that solution for a whole bunch of people - but if it’s not for any reason (and it won’t be for everyone!) then there are absolutely other great options out there.

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I think the “selling” feature that got me on was the multi-language presentation.
It’s the only package that somewhat did it in all the right ways. Maybe there will be support/plugins or other alternatives now. Open to suggestions about that actually.
Personally, although I understand that the developers are busy, the lack of communication and the lack of easy deployment are the major drawbacks.
The packaging for me just simply didn’t work no matter what i tried.

I am working on a project now that among other thing will be able to offer quelea and other software in the web-browser as a web solution. But that will be in the future.

Good to hear. The break in the release cadence is not a big deal it happens. The main thing I was/am upset about is the total silence, It makes it appear that the project has been abandoned and left to die a slow death. I understand about life as mine has been turned upside down this year. Good luck on getting back into it. I know that it will take time. But it’s all good.