Just couple of small things (bugs)

I finished the transpose method for the MIDI2DawBridge and was playing around testing it.
Essentially, you press a button on the midi keyboard and it transposes the Song in quelea.
So first there was a bug for which I submitted patch #557 and it started to work.
The next issue was that it wouldn’t respond or transpose the song every time I pressed the button.
Sometimes it would transpose 1-2 or 3 times or not. Sometimes I would go to the next song and come back and it would again transpose on button press but it just didn’t respond or work consistently.
This of course can be tested with the HTTP API calls “:/transpose/”,
for I in [-6:6].

i.e. …/transpose/0, … /transpose/1, …/transpose/2, …/transpose/-1

I wanted to report this bug/issue/feature/peculiar behaviour so maybe you guys can test it. I don’t know if it’s just my machine.

By the way, why isn’t that part of the stage control app or the remote control?