When I select ‘Print song’ or ‘Print schedule’ nothing happens.
I have checked my printer is online etc (printing via wifi)

Could you find & attach your debug log (Locating the debug log | Quelea) to see if that helps us work out what’s going on?

I restarted Quelea and tried to print, the log doesn’t see to show anything related



(Attachment quelea-debuglog.txt is missing)

Have you tried upgrading to 2021.0 if you haven’t already in case that makes a difference?

Hi Michael

Yes I have upgraded to 2021.0 and no difference.


Afraid there’s little we can do beyond this point as if we can’t reproduce it, and there’s no debug to tell us what’s wrong, we don’t really know what to fix. We’ll keep an eye out though!

HI There, I am having the same issue with Printing Schedule, neither the dropdown menu or Print Button works.

My printer is a wireless printer on a WSD Port - does it need to be on an LPT port for Quelea to find it?