2020.0 released

Hi all,

2020.0 has now been released! You can download it from the usual place here: https://github.com/quelea-projection/Quelea/releases/tag/v2020.0

Full changelog:

  • Fix Openlyrics import when more than one “lines” tag specified per verse
  • New options dialog
  • Remove USR songselect import (USR files no longer offered)
  • Add Propresenter import (4, 5 and 6 supported at present)
  • Add ability to export song list
  • Fix title bug on plain text import song that only contain one section
  • Add ability for importers to use zip file or regular file
  • Fix importers to accept windows-encoded zip files
  • Fix export to PDF fonts issues (# instead of some characters)
  • Fix non-Latin and accented character input for song lyrics on Linux systems
  • Increase maximum thumbnail preview size from 500 to 1000
  • Update “Support / Discussion” link from the previous Quelea Google Group to the current Quelea Community
  • Fix wrapping bug for Bible passages and other single-line sections in the selection lists
  • Update SoF parser to work with SoF 6
  • Fix planning center integration
  • Add support for setting a song sequence
  • Add an indicator for the item that currently is live
  • Add option to use a fade transition between text items
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Really great update! I love the song structure option. However could you please add these 4 extra song structure items, please:
Instrumental (Interlude is “It” and instrumental is “Is”)
Solo (S)
Refrain (Rf)
(according to multitracks notation)

This is super! I look forward to loading this production ready version onto our new A/V Windows 10 based computer in our sound booth. Prior to this I’ve been experimenting with earlier versions of Quelea on my personal Laptop computer running Windows 7.

Many thanks to all involved in this wonderful new version. I especially like how well the fade transition between text items works (on the projection screen).