Apple M1 and future Apple silicon (ARM) compatibility


I was wondering whether Quelea runs on the new M1 chips through Rosetta 2 and how is its performance? Does anybody have any experience with it?
Also are you planning to support Apple silicon natively in the future?

(I really appreciate your work and thank you for the Quelea :slight_smile: )

No specific plans yet I’m afraid - not having an M1 Mac means it’s difficult to predict Quelea’s performance on there! The good news is that Java should compile to ARM rather easily, so it certainly shouldn’t be an insurmountable issue to at least get it running. I suspect the issues are more likely to be in video support (which isn’t the most stable across platforms at the moment even on current macs.)

We’re thus looking at re-evaluating video support more generally, and as part of that we’ll try to make sure we have an approach that can work on the ARM based Macs.

It seems to be working well for me!