Q2020 & Q2022 Lagging

I have been running Q2020 and now Q2022 for a couple of years without issues. I am using a very old Macbook Air (2011) with i7 processor and SDD and Sierra OS but it performs very well with everything i ask it to do until about 6 months ago when Quelea started to exhibit a 1 second delay when selecting an item from Scedule into preview and then a 1 second delay to “Go Live”. I have been putting up with this (although a little painful). However this week the delay has increased to 3 seconds which is very inconvenient. Any ideas?

I don’t know man! Just backup and reinstall!
This kind of thing just sounds nasty as if it’s some piling caching issue (but who knows). It’s probably not the case though.
It’s a Java software so could be something related to the JVM no clue. Or system updates ?!
You can try it on a USB live boot on some Linux distro or VM if you must stick to it.
If nothing works maybe try another software package with similar features.

Try cable rather than WIFI! This thing is constantly spitting packages. Contrary to what you might think the update model is a UDP machine gunning your network (Wireshark will reveal it all).
Also see if the web interface is any better in terms of latency.
The reason i was sticking to it is the multilanguage presentation support.

Hello I have 0 experience with Quelea on Mac.
My thoughts:

  • did you add a substantial number of new songs recently into Quelea database?
  • same lag for songs and for Bible passage and for a picture?
  • did you install a new software/update into Mac recently? Something that runs all the time eating up CPU cycles?
  • can you start Terminal.app and run “top”? Is quelea the most CPU hungry app (eg. on top of the list)?

Regards Jan