Auto-discover Quelea lyrics and remote address and ports

Hi all,

Is there a way to auto-discover quelea’s mobile lyrics and mobile remote addresses and ports?

I am currently working on a project to simply integration between obs and quelea.

Instead of having the user enter the mobile lyrics and remote IPs everytime, it would be easy if I could somehow programmatically discover them on the local network.

Is there any log or other file where quelea might write these addresses?
Can I scan all IPs and ports in a specific range?
Any other way this could be achieved? (network discovery, etc)

Would be grateful if anybody has any leads on this!

Thanks & Regards,
Kavish D.

If you only work on the same device you could always find the settings in the file. You can find it in the same folder as the debug log, in case you don’t know where it is.

If you want to automatically find the servers over the network, the remote app uses the port 50015 to find the addresses and ports. That port returns the information you need (if at least one of the servers are started of course). The app scans all the addresses in a range at that port until it receives a proper response, so that’s one way you could do it too.

Good luck!

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Perfect!!! :smiley:
That works! Thank you so much!!!