Mobile lyrics - fixed address?

The facility for people to show the song lyrics on their own devices is very useful. Is it possible for the network address to be set so it is the same every time.

I made a card with a QR code for people to scan to go straight to the lyrics page without having to enter it manually. But after a few months the address changed and I can’t find a way to set it manually.


Yes - but this is a network level configuration rather than anything Quelea can do. Essentially, you’ll need to configure your DHCP server to always set a fixed IP address for the mac address of your network card. (Usually this would be a configuration setting in your router.)

Hi Mike,

Thanks very much. Hopefully that will fix the problem.

All the best

In your router page look for reserved IP/MAC addresses. This doesn’t reffer to computer but network adapter. 1 device usually has 1 adapter but it could have many, e.g. wifi and ethernet cable.

Make a list of all of your devices and those that are static (always there) or you want to connect to the same way (servers/digital mixers/IP cameras etc) can have static IP based on their MAC (that’s the adapeter).

Ususally you will have a reserved and dynamic range and usually you can connect 255 or so devices on a typical WLAN. So here you have to do the math based on your attendance. Say, you and you team have 55 devices in total. (production, pc(s) phones , tablets etc projectors, wireless speakers etc) that leaves you 200 for the guests.
If you have lots of devices it would be good to have at least a basic WiFi6. (Good for latency)

Also if you have lots of people connecting consider having “production network” and guest network.
That gives you full guest network and protects your production devices.
There are caveats here though and very much depends on your router, in some cases you might be able to forward only specific device and port. In some cases it’s all or nothing, in which case you will need an external service/server to listen from the internal network and transmit on the guest.

Thank you. All sorted now.