Computer laptop requirements

Would I be able to run this from a chromebook or similar?

Here is a list of recommended system requirements. My guess is that a Chromebook probably should be able to handle Quelea from a hardware perspective, the problem is that the default operating system isn’t supported. I believe you might be able to install a Linux distro on some Chromebooks and in that case you might be able to run Quelea.

Other than that, you can only use the Android apps on Chromebooks, but they require another computer running Quelea as a server, and are only used to remote control/access Quelea.

I was trying to have a look for a similar topic a while ago, but couldn’t see it - I believe someone did get it working under Arch on a chromebook, but it certainly wasn’t an easy process. It’s definitely not something we can support “our of the box” for the reasons Arvid mentioned - it’s always going to be a bit of a custom “hack job” I’m afraid!