Chromebook running Linux

I have an Acer CB3-431 running linux (beta). I installed snap and tried to install quelea but it keeps saying itś already installed…yet no where to be found lol. Ideas?

Never seen that kind before, so I can offer only guesses.

Maybe you cannot find icon or something similar in your desktop? Try typing “quelea” to console and see if it starts.

If it does not, then check is snap in your PATH.
type echo $PATH | grep snap to console and see if it prints anything.

If you installed snap and then quelea (using console), then console uses old PATH. Basically closing and reopening console should fix this issue. But if it does not, then you have to add snap to path manually.

You did not tell what you linux distro was. In Ubuntu it seems to be /snap/bin (see stack overflow question for details and how to add it). I’m using Manjaro, and quelea is located in /var/lib/snapd/snap/bin

Hopefully it is a path issue. If not, let me know so we continue guessing :slight_smile:

Hi I have installed quelea on my Chromebook (running linux switched from the defaul Debain to ubuntu in a container ). I’ve installed the snap verison and I have the same problem - no launcher! despite ‘Snap List’ showing it install - seems to be a common problem with running snap on a chromebook.

I get error’s launching from cmdline as it can’t output to display - however I did get it to launch manually:
$ xhost +
$ quelea

that did it for me…let me know how you get on.