Features & Issues: Post 4/8 - Cloud syncing, backups and multiple PCs

Feature Improvements & Issues … let’s talk about Quelea.

Issue 4:

Syncing!? Who works on a single machine anymore? Do you prepare songs at home? Yes!? Me, too!
Anyone can have a NAS/cloud with Raspberry Pi NAS or just buy one.
Or even you can attach a an SDD/HDD to your router nowadays, right!?

Well, I consider that one solved for myself, personally and wrote about it in a previous blog post describing my solution in detail.
I claim to have solved that one pretty elegantly. In fact, it works for most software.
I am syncing full Reaper across computers and bare in mind Reaper uses plugins.

The simple rule is “don’t edit songs(or things) at the same time”.
Then you can put .quelea on any shared drive or cloud that doesn’t handle conflicts by changing filenames “-conflict.”.
I examined what quelea alters during normal operation which is just 2-3 files so it’s not a problem if they are overwritten.
You know, *.log and settings *.ini at on exit.

Ummm, paths can be a little tricky but again easy to solve.
Umm, you can put the same file path or shared drive on multiple machines or just have a web of symbolic links and it will be pretty much flawless. haha
Or we could probably run quelea with an iso or i.e. Docker from a cloud if we want to. Some kinda container system.
But technically we don’t need any of that.

All we really need is a little better overwriting handling, that’s all! No big deal!


It would be better if overwriting handling was a bit better. In this case, there is a lock file but it doesn’t quite work as expected. Meaning it would be good to get a message:

  • “Quelea is currently edited by another instance. On (name of the computer):(name of the user) Database in read-only mode. Would you like to take ownership and edit?” => Yes/No?

That will clear the locks and overwrite the database and it will let you know.
That is the confidence you need in not messing up your database and will be particularly useful for many users.


I would love to hear what ideas you have and your use cases.