Sharing databases across computers

Is there a way to use a cloud folder as a sort of shared repository? My hope for this program is that I can have multiple people contributing to a single song database from their individual computers without having to export and import to each person every time a new song is added. In other words, there are multiple instances of Quelea, but they are all accessing and adding content to the exact same program files, with adjustments being synced directly to the other users. Maybe a way to select the directory path?

From what I understand, there are two folders where Quelea stores data. One is the install folder, which is Quelea, and can be installed anywhere (Into Google Drive for example, which I have done) and the second is the .quelea folder, which from my understanding is where song files, themes, bibles, etc. are stored, that can be found by going to “C:\users\USERNAME.quelea". However, I’m not so sure of the differences between the two.

What I’ve tried so far was to install Quelea onto one computer, and select the install path for my Google Drive folder. I then went to another computer that did not have it intalled ever, and opened just eh executable from the Drive. I noticed that when I did it automatically created a .quelea folder for my user, even without going through the install process.


I was wondering the same thing, using dropbox.

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This would be a very helpful feature.

My suggestion would be to add an extended configuration to which overrides the path to the subfolders currently stored under .quelea. Then these could be shared/synced across different devices, while each device would retain its individual settings from the properties file.

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Has any progress been made on this front? I keep thinking how great it would be if we could do this and have circled back to this thread from time to time. Is it never answered because it is too easy or because it is too hard? It seems to me that any worship team that has multiple computers on the go must be keen to see a solution to this as it would be fantastic to have one well tended file rather than multiple files on multiple computers with some being far ‘tidier’ than others. ie the computer at the church is an absolute mess haha.

Hey, no direct progress I’m afraid, though I have heard of some people successfully syncing their “.quelea” folder via Dropbox or Google drive and achieving things that way.

Right now I’m trying to focus on improving the video situation - when that’s done I may have a closer look at this, but I can’t promise anything on timelines. It would be a great thing to have, but I want to keep it open and avoid running a service separately - so it’d probably be something that was Dropbox based, albeit more officially supported than just syncing the .quelea folder.

This has been explained, demonstrated and verified in detail:
Read the thread in detail, watch the video and you will be able to sync accorss as many devices as you want cross platform.
One thing to keep in mind (Do not edit/save songs at the exact same time, allow for ~10 seconds to sync.)

What’s the point of doing that? You only want the database ?
Well, you can use the method above but with a limited scope, i.e. only the dabase directory.
On each machine you can select which directories, i.e. featrues, to sync.