Quelea freezing

Hello. I’ve been using Quelea for a few years now, did not have any problems. Recently desktop app started “freezing”, there is no “response” to anything, I can’t even cloce it and only restarting pc helps for that time, then problem repeats. I thougth at first that maybe my version was outdated an corrupted somehow (2020), so I updated to 2021 version (newest not-beta version) but problem remains. What could I do to solve it?

Hello Estera, you can try with a different user on the same machine. Quelea keeps your song database and Bibles in a folder .quelea in user’s profile/home directory. Switching users will create an empty database. This way you can test whether your current database is somehow corrupt. (Or you can rename the .quelea folder to .quelea-old in your current profile if you know how to find that folder).
Please report back, we can follow based on your findings.
Regards Jan

Hello. Thank you for your advice. I tried renaming folder, but unfortunately problem remains - Quelea freezed just after I finished setting it up. After all of this I decided to try another software…