I need help on mac. Quelea won't open

Hi, I’ve bee using Quelea for just over 2 months and I created and imported over 200 songs that I don’t want to lose. today I was trying to figure out how to use the remote function so I turn it on server mode and I saved the schedule l and restarted the program and it won’t open now it gives me and error message saying my schedule is corrupted or missing I tried even restoring it with time machine but I can’t get it to open.



Does it refuse to open at all, or just with a particular schedule? Could you attach the debug log in case that helps?




I got it working by restoring the user/username/.quelea folder in Time machine instead of the Application/Quelea I still wonder why It made it crash I just when to tools/options/serversettings/ and toggled mobile remote changed the password and attempted to restart the program it broke it. I’m glad I had a backup.

I couldn’t see anything strange in the debug log at first glance. Did you get the schedule warning that time as well? Could you possibly attach the schedule that you were experiencing issues with so that we could take a look at that as well?