Corrupt Quelea schedule file

When I create and save a new Quelea schedule, next time when I try to open it.
The file is corrupted. I have attached a screenshot with the error message.
I didn’t have this issue until very recently when I am getting the same problem in multiple computers.
I use Quelea in a Linux based system(Ubuntu). Two Windows 10 system and in all systems, I am experiencing same problem and it’s getting really frustrating as I will prepare schedule for my church service but when I need in a hurry, the file is all messed up.

Please suggest if there is a way to fix it.


Hey, does this happen with every schedule? If so, could you create a simple schedule, confir it’s corrupted and attach it here? Thanks!

@berry120 thanks for reply to my query. Recently it has happened with every schedule that I would create(very frustrating). We recently had our 70th church celebration and on that day, I manually searched hymns in two different service days.

I can’t upload above file with .qsch file extension so how should I provide a copy of the schedule?
I can email it too or put it somewhere in the cloud and provide a URL.

I dumped the file in my Google drive and made a following public link:

The song “Jyoti Chamkiyo” in your schedule seems to have invalid Unicode characters in the lyrics.
When I remove these from your song lyrics, the resulting schedule can be opened.