Import OpenSong files

I’m having a really hard time importing my lyric/ chord files into the 2022.0 Quelea on MacOS Big Sur 11.7.10. When importing the song file I cannot find the file in my documents or via application folder. Anyone know how to do this? I also tried importing them to OpenLP and then into Quelea but the chords are not on a separate line but within the lyrics. I’ve heard great things about Quelea and am eager to use it but not sure what to do.

Hey, if you can attach the files you’re trying to import here then we might be able to take a look (though afraid I can’t make any promises on timelines.)

Thanks for your reply. My main problem is that I can’t find the files from OpenSongOSX. I try to follow the import from Quelea but then there isn’t a file in OpenSongs folder for me to import. So I’m not sure that I can send you files… if that makes any sense.