Import songs from OpenLP

Hi! How can I import songs? I tried using OpenLP export (to .xml format) and import it in Quelea but it didn’t work . Is it any option or I would be force to rewrite everything from scratch ?

Hey! If you export from OpenLP in Openlyrics (XML) format, then you should be able to use the openlyrics option in Quelea to import it.

What I see in Quelea option -> Database / import

Unfortunately both option doesn’t work

  1. Using Database / import / openLP)

And then I don’t know what should I choose… I tried with all application folders and finally gave up.

  1. Using Database / import / open lyrics
    It looks better but when I try to choose folder where songs are exported from OpenLP I can’t mark songs. It is grayed out

Probably I will rewrite everything :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t need to do that - feel free to send over the database and we can take a look if you like.


  1. OpenLP DB
    The OpenLP database default resides in the following Windows folder:
    Here is your user account.
    When using the Quelea OpenLP importer you have to select this songs.sqlite.

  2. OpenLP OpenLyrics export
    Exporting song from OpenLP in OpenLyrics format results in a collection of 1 or more .xml files in a user specified folder. However, Quelea Open lyrics importer expects a .zip file containing the .xml files. Therefore first pack these .xml files manually into a .zip file and then use the Quelea Open lyrices importer on this .zip



Hi There,
I’ve experienced the same. OpenLyrics XML weren’t imported correctly (using OpenLyrics as import function). I wasn’t able to figure out why, because some files worked and some didn’t.
Fortunately the FreeWorship import worked very well… so i just used this Option to import the (same) XMLs.


For me importing from OpenLP worked for the text and verses, but missed indications: Verse 1, Verse 2, Chorus, etc. And also missed Song sequence. Any other way not to miss it?