Is this safe to use?

Not trying to stir a pot but is this safe to use, the shasums dont match, there was a person asking on the Facebook group that there virus software threw a flag.

Hi Milo,

Sorry we haven’t been able to reply to your first question yet. The SHA265 hashes mismatch is a bug that has been resolved for the next release, you can read more about it in this issue on GitHub. Quelea is safe to use even if the hashes don’t match.

There are no viruses in it either, sometimes virus software just get worried with this kind of software. The program is open source so anyone who knows Java can contribute or check if there’s anything malicious in the code. I joined the project when Quelea already had been around for a few years and in my many hours with the source code I haven’t found anything even similar to a virus. :wink: