Migration from Google groups

We’ve been looking around for a while now to see if there’s a better system we can use for help and discussions than Google Groups, and we’ve since setup a Discourse group here which we’ll probably look to move to in the longer term!

Google groups seems to be on the decline (they’ve recently deprecated a bunch of admin features, and the product hasn’t had any update in a while) and Discourse offers really good Github integration, which is very uesful when talking about issues. It’s also a more modern system and allows for much better formatting etc. of posts.

We’re not doing anything too drastic at the moment - this group will stay open for the time being at least! But if we see a natural migration towards Discourse, then we’ll probably look to close it in the future so as to keep all the discussion in one place.

Thoughts and comments welcome!


looks good :slight_smile: have to admit not heard of discourse its not related to discord is it?

Welcome aboard! It’s not related as far as I’m aware.

Hi, I lost track of this project for a little while and now I’m feeling kinda lost.

I used to check the google group for info in the upcoming versions and keeping track of enhancements now I see that some of them are commented on the GitHub project…

Is there any way to consult some change logs on the diferent releases? I know the group was cluttered with repetitive questions but it served to me as a way to see what was new and what was being worked on

You could always check out the page Releases on GitHub to see the change logs for the last releases. If you want to keep track on upcoming features, the GitHub issues is a good place to start. That, along with this discussion group, should get you far. However, if you really want to keep track on everthing we are working on, you might want to look at the commits page as well. That’s not quite as intuitive to understand, but I thought I could mention it anyways. Just a heads-up however, all of us in the core team of developers have been busy lately so the development has been slow for a while, and it’s likely that’s the case for a while longer.