Migration from Google groups


We’ve been looking around for a while now to see if there’s a better system we can use for help and discussions than Google Groups, and we’ve since setup a Discourse group here which we’ll probably look to move to in the longer term!

Google groups seems to be on the decline (they’ve recently deprecated a bunch of admin features, and the product hasn’t had any update in a while) and Discourse offers really good Github integration, which is very uesful when talking about issues. It’s also a more modern system and allows for much better formatting etc. of posts.

We’re not doing anything too drastic at the moment - this group will stay open for the time being at least! But if we see a natural migration towards Discourse, then we’ll probably look to close it in the future so as to keep all the discussion in one place.

Thoughts and comments welcome!

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looks good :slight_smile: have to admit not heard of discourse its not related to discord is it?


Welcome aboard! It’s not related as far as I’m aware.