Playing song with Lyrics


Is it possible to play songs and simultaneously display its lyrics?


Do you mean play a song’s audio file and also show the lyrics? If so then I’m afraid not from within Quelea at present, since we don’t offer any particular audio support.


But we can play a song’s audio? Or since we don’t have an audio support, we can’t do that?



No audio support at all I’m afraid. We considered it a while back, but decided it wasn’t a “killer” feature for a couple of reasons:

  • Spotify, Amazon music, etc. are increasingly popular, and we wouldn’t realistically be able to integrate Quelea with those anyway;
  • It’s easy to run a local audio player alongside Quelea and then play whatever you want to, which is arguably better since it will be already set up with your music library.

I agree that it would be useful to have lyrics synced to a predefined audio track however, as that means the words can be automated when singing from an audio file rather than a live band. However, that’s not a feature that’s been requested that often, so it’s not something we’ve yet looked at. Feel free to create a Github issue for it - I can’t promise when it’ll be worked on, but at least that way we can keep track of it.