projection window problem

every time i change to a new theme with different background video in live, the projection window flickers. What can it be?

Probably the graphics reloading,
is it on flash or is it happening multiple times?

Not a bug/behavior that is easily fixable if it is the first of the two

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Always happen. I don’t know if it’s just me, so I posted it here. whenever I switch to a new theme with a different live background video, the projection window flickers (black screen). with images it flows normally, but with videos the screen flickers (black screen)

If it is what I think you are referring to it’s a known issue with VLC where it does not buffer a video but reloads it. Thus giving a short but visible black screen. I have this with my video backgrounds that I use.
Its aggravating to be sure but I have been told by the VLC developers that there is no interest in solving the issue.

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