Background video loop black screen (solved)

if I put a theme with a video loop when the video ends and it starts again, a black screen appears

Hey, do the instructions at the top of the page here help at all?

I did all the steps but it did not work :confused:

solves it by installing an older version.
the version is vlc 2.0.0


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Congratulations my brother!!! You have solved an issue that has driven me crazy for ages. I downgraded VLC to 2.2 and upgraded Quelea to 2019.1 a great combination. And no more black screen on the motion backgrounds!!! Happy days.


I will try this for my own background video problems.
Are you using the 64-bit or 32-bit versions of Quelea and vlc?


64 Bit here. So far it seems stable.


I thought I would bump this as I just ran into this issue with Quelea 2020.0 on a Windows 10 laptop (This one actually: AN515-54-5812 - Tech Specs | Laptops | Acer United States)

I also ran into the “black screen blink” on the looped video after it had been running on the laptop fantastic for a few weeks. I found this post and followed the advice down the thread and the github troubleshooting page. No joy.

Deep diving in the VLC forums helped me find a couple things that helped and now I’m no longer getting that black screen as the video loops. If you are running into this, try the following:

  • Install the latest version of VLC (ATM: 3.0.12 Vetinari, 64-bit in most cases —okay, my case)
    Select a custom install and select “Delete preferences and cache” at the very bottom of the choices in the Choose Components dialog.

(Note: True, you could also open the current VLC Media Player on your system to access the simple preferences Tools > Preferences (Ctrl+P) and click on "Reset Preferences in the Simple Preferences dialog. But I’m approaching this assuming you’re dealing with an older version of VLC and may have applied multiple tweaks at this point. Why not start fresh?)

  • Once installed, Launch the VLC Media player to access the simple preferences. To do this, go to the menu and drill down to Tools > Preferences (Ctrl+P) > Input/Codecs

  • In the “Codecs” pane make sure that “Hardware-accelerated decoding” is set to “Automatic”

From what I understand, this apparently allows VLC some latitude in handling video and apparently poses some function that helps avoid the blink.

While this seems like a nuclear option, it has since been working like it did prior. It could be argued that I needed to merely dump my cache, tweak this or that, but after wrestling with two services with blinky songs, and now back to normal, I’m just glad it resolved. Best of luck to you!