Single screen

When running with single screen setup, is it possible to put the "projector screen’ on top of the ‘control screen’ like most other presentation software? In addition, can the ‘projector screen’ still accept the keyboard inputs? When I minimize the ‘control screen’ window on desktop, I cannot really move slides or stop the projection, cannot even press F8 to stop unless my last keypress is on the ‘control screen’? I have similar problem using the App. Perhaps it is good to implement one more shortcut ‘Esc’ key to return control to ‘control screen’. Thanks

Afraid that single screen running isn’t something we’ve supported historically, so the answer is most likely “no” I’m afraid. If this is a feature you’d like feel free to create a Github issue for it and link back to this thread - it won’t be a priority, but we may get around to it at some point :slight_smile:

Thanks. I think it is understandable . Most of these software are designed for church use with proper multi screen setup in the first place. However, some use cases to consider is like volunteers who prepare stuff at home beforehand. With more church members or small groups meeting online nowadays, they are hoping to use such software at home with minimal or no extra screen setup, etc. Will fix out some way.