Fullscreen on Mac?


Is there a way to make Quelea use the entire screen for projector screen on Mac? I see a menu line in the top of the screen.
I is possible for me to make it go away by using auto-hide in the OSX settings, but other applications like powerpoint etc. are able hide it and I frequently use it. Is it also possible to auto-hide it with Quelea?


Thanks for signing up! Afraid I’m going to have to bow out on this as I’m not a Mac user; hopefully there’s one out there who may be able to answer…!


@berry120, just took a quick look at PlatformUtils.setFullScreenAlwaysOnTop() and it always returns false unless it is run on Linux. Is that intended? I think the stage.setFullScreen(true) line there is needed for Mac as well, but maybe that is set somewhere else?


Yup - I think windows is actually the exception here though, so it should really be the other way around (we should set it to always return true unless we’re running on windows.)


Should be fixed in the latest CI - could someone confirm?