Stage View - Notes

I’m missing the possibility to add notes to a song for example bpm of a song, sounds of e-piano or guitar, sometimes we make some notes who sings a vers or a chorus.
Will this feature be integrated or is it already there an i just don’t see it?

Well, I think you make a great point… but it’s kind of like this.
There is space for notes but it’s not very useful.
First, there is no shortcut to open the notes or the edit window of a song for that matter.
Second notes are not useful because they don’t show up in live view or stage view or remote, so that makes it impractical.
Maybe just put that in an excel file. If the songs can be converted in CSV, it would have been easy to edit metadata in batch… although it can be done with a script of some sort.
I think maybe check the manual for the meta tags you can include with the lyrics.

Hi Ralf, I think the Stage View could be enhanced in many different ways.
Your idea is already in this summary issue Stage View - Summary of Issues & major update · Issue #607 · quelea-projection/Quelea · GitHub
see “Support a new line tag for Notes to the Stage view”.
I cannot guarantee it will be implemented, but at least it is recorded.