Using chords in songs


Hi! Can I ask how can I create song and put chords there ? I wasn’t able to find this function. Thank You!


You can just type the line of chords above the relevant line of lyrics (use spaces to line the chords up to the appropriate words), and then they should show up in stage view :slight_smile:


Ok - Sounds simple :slight_smile: but what about general view ? People shouldn’t see chords … thx for replying


Nope, they won’t see the chords in the main view, just the stage view!

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Hi! It works really good - good job!. I asked about chords because I didn’t see how can I use this function on wiki / documentation.
BTW - I have a problem with export songs to pdf file - problem with polish signs like “ą, ń, etc”.
When I print schedule everything is ok but printing directly a song not…Dzisiaj_jest_dzie%C5%84_pdf_strona_|690x422


Hmm, thanks for that. Could you create a Github issue ( so we can track the progress?


You’re right that the chords feature isn’t explained that well in the wiki. There’s one line about it in the second picture in the part about how to create a new song, but that should be added as text as well so it’s searchable. We’ll take a look at that!


So does that mean you have to type in all the chords to all the songs?


Yup, unless you import them or copy-paste them from somewhere else. How else would you add the chords in?


well, I have one song -‘projecting’ on one monitor, and on another monitor words and chords.
But how do I increase font size?