Hi there.
I’ve recently been using a few videos that has to be played in line as fast as i can. Its kinda complicated to send one live and then click the other one and having to wait to send it live too. Is there a way i can just put them in line and see them play as soon as the other one ends?


Hmm, afraid not at the moment, but that is an interesting idea. Feel free to create a GitHub issue if you like for it.

In the meantime the only option I’d suggest is to splice them together in video editing software, and play it from Quelea as one video - I admit that isn’t ideal however.


Another workaround would be to create a VLC playlist and then use a VLCARG file to play it in Quelea. Just let me know if you would need any help getting started with it.

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That would be a great option for now. How do i add the VLCARG file to Quelea?
Thank you both!


Just make sure the file extension is “.vlcarg” and then you could either just drag and drop it into your schedule or add it as a multimedia file.

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