We can have songs in two languages but why not two Bible versions?

Hi team

We are a multi lingual church and have been using Quelea since last year and there are quite a few features which we really like. However the huge negative, which is prompting our media team to start hunting for an alternative, is the Bible situation.
Apart from the fact that we don’t really have the translations we would chose installed right now, our biggest bug bear is that there is no way of showing two Bible versions at the same time. We preach with translation and we need to be able to show every verse in two languages. Recently this has involved somebody manually creating slides by copying and pasting verse by verse from Bible Gateway.
So my question - Is there any plan at all to make projecting two bible versions possible?
Thanks Jenni

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You may check into OpenLP or Videopsalm. Hate to switch from Quelea but seems more and more we are needing dual translation/language .

It’s under development, You can have a look at this message for more details: