XML Bibles in french: Quelea can't add

I’ve seen the french Bibles available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/zefania-sharp/files/Bibles/

The problem is that these are pretty old translations, not very actual…
Though, I uploaded the Second translation 1910 (!) that works pretty well on Quelea.

Thus I asked “La Société Biblique de Genève » to send me an XML file of the recent translations “Second21” and “NEG79”, what they did.
They sent me both the 66 bibles books as Word files + one whole Bible as Osis XML file

The problem is that Quelea couldn’t add this XML file

What should I do ?
Take care

Afraid we don’t support OSIS at the moment, but this is in the works and scheduled for 2021.0: https://github.com/quelea-projection/Quelea/issues/289