A few odd behaviours

  • If I use pg-dn to move through a song, the scrollable upper pane of the “Live” panel doesn’t scroll along, although if I use the down-arrow, it does. Is there a setting that allows the pg-dn key to scroll the upper pane? I turned on “only show one line” option so now I can use just one key to move through the entire service.
  • When I add a song to a schedule, I add it, rather than copy it. Then after saving the schedule, when I open it again, it shows the songs as “copied” rather than added. I have “copy by default” selected, but since I’m still getting used to the software I’m finding that I’m doing a boatload of edits.
  • I could find no way to set the font size individually per song. If I use “uniform font size” some songs have their words looking lonely in the middle of the screen, but if I uncheck it, suddenly the words are huge. Is there such an option?


  • That does sound like a bug. If you could create an issue for that, we could take a look at resolving that when we get the chance.

  • I’m not entirely sure I understand what you mean here. Do you right-click the songs you want to add and select “Add to schedule”, save the schedule and then start Quelea again with the setting “Copy song to schedule by default” selected and then the songs get loaded as if they were copied instead of just added? I can’t reproduce this behavior I’m afraid. If you do have a lot of edits to do to the songs, it sounds like you would be better off deselecting the option “Copy songs to schedule by default” and let all changes be stored in the database instead. If you have some songs you want to edit temporarily, you could always right-click and select “Copy to schedule” for that specific song instead.

  • The font size is calculated automatically based on the amount of characters and lines there are on a slide. If you have different lengths on each slide, you’ll likely notice a big difference with and without the setting “Use uniform font size”. My suggestion is to try to enter the songs so that the lines aren’t that long and try to keep down the amount of lines per slide, preferably with an even length between the slides. You could also limit the maximum font size to avoid having some slides that are huge. You can find a few more suggestions on what to try in our wiki.