Content display update issue

I have version 2021.0 installed on Windows 10 pro.
I don’t quit know what to call this so I will attempt to describe it.
Here is the problem.

  1. Load something(Item 1) in order of service.
  2. click on one of the items to display it in Preview and send it to Live.
  3. select a song - it displays in preview - send it to Live.
  4. click again on the item you selected in 1 above - nothing happens - no displayed in preview.

You must then select something else in Order of service and then come back to the item1.


I can confirm this behaviour.
John: could you register this please as an issue at Issues · quelea-projection/Quelea · GitHub ?

Using the option:
When returning to the schedule song (by clicking on it), after previewing some database songs, the preview pane doen’t refresh:

But using (as a work-around):
The preview pane still displays the schedule song:

Thanks guys - if you can create an issue so we can keep track of it (then post the link here) that’d be great. Hopefully I’ll have more of a time to look after the Hacktoberfest madness dies down!

Hi guys

I signed up on github but I am not at that sort of level to be able to correctly register this issue there. Please can one of you do that - I apologize.

Thank you for your time and dedication in making this the brilliant piece of software it is.


This has been solved in the latest CI-RELEASE.