Song lyrics with song sequence change when added to Order of Service

This behaviour affects songs in that have a song sequence with repeated sections, and it appears that the song sequence is being read twice, once when adding the song to the OOS and again when Previewing the song.

e.g. a song lyric is entered in the database as Verse 1, Chorus, Verse 2 and a song sequence is added as V1 C V2 C - i.e. the Chorus is to be sung after each Verse.

However, when the song is added to the OOS, the Chorus title and section is added after each Verse., so in ‘Edit Song’ the lyric appears as Verse 1, Chorus, Verse 2, Chorus.

This would be Ok if the Preview screen just showed what was in the OOS.

But the Preview Screen then follows the song sequence and displays the song section once for EACH TIME the section title (in this case ‘Chorus’) appears in the song in the OOS, i.e. it now shows the Chorus TWICE after each verse
i.e. Verse 1, Chorus, Chorus, Verse 2, Chorus, Chorus
This is also what appears in Go Live.

The song can be corrected by Editing the song in the OOS and either deleting the song sequence completely, or by deleting the repeated song section(s).

This song remains unaffected in the songs database, and the corruption does not occur when Previewing a song directly from there.

This behaviour affects any song element that is repeated in the song sequence (Verses, Bridges, etc),

Further experimenting has revealed this behaviour only happens when COPYING a song to the Schedule (OOS) e.g. by double clicking the song or dropping it, and not when ADDING (right click option).
I have now disabled Copy song to schedule by default in Options so double clicking a song adds it to the schedule.

However I understand that this means that any changes to a song in the Schedule is saved to the song database?

That’s correct.

Copy song to schedule by default

Some users prefer to keep an original version of a song in the database and then edit a copy of that song for each use. This option means that all song that are added to the schedule are temporary copies that will not be stored back to the database. It means that any edits you make to a song in the schedule when this option is activated only will be stored in that schedule, whereas any edits you make to a song in the database also will stored in the database.

If you want to make sure that the version that you have in your database will remain untouched even if you edit the lyrics during the service, select “Copy to schedule” instead or enable the setting Copy song to schedule by default.