+Add feature "lines per slide"

Hello, I’d like to say thank you because of your efforts to bring the better software alternative than openlp. The features are great especially the video background which I have been looking for a long time after I switched to linux. Now, I am requesting to add this feature on your future updates because a lot of people in my church have hard time to read due to old age. In the current stable version of Quelea 2021.0 I’m using, I’ve noticed that when I display longer texts, the font size automatically shrinks which is not good for those people who can’t read small font sizes :frowning: Please I hope you’ll hear my suggestion about this feature “lines per slide” or maybe “words per slide” which I’ve seen from openlp, this feature will:

•Separate the long paragraph into two or more depending on the number of lines/words per slide set by the user.
•It will help retain the font size bigger even when you display the longest verse in the bible Esther 8:9.

That’s all, if you don’t understand what I mean, or if you have something to say, please reply, thanks and God Bless You!

When I display text in Quelea I check the display of each screen and then edit the text, inserting line returns where appropriate. Note that it takes only one verse of a song with too many lines to cause an entire song to display with fonts that are too small. So, I simply edit each song that has fonts that are too small. For example, I found that a maximum of six lines per verse (or screen) produces fonts that are perfectly readable. So any song that has a verse with more than six lines gets edited. All I have to do is insert a carriage return in any verse that has too many lines. That’s my simple fix to the situation. I’m afraid that a programing ‘fix’ as suggested would be pretty involved if not impracticable.