Bible display issue

In older versions of quelea possibly 2018.2? The display would show the full Bible verse in the live view selection pane. Now it only shows the first part and you must follow along in the live view window. I searched through options but I couldn’t find anything related to it. I was wondering if there was a way to change it so you can see the full Bible verse in the live view selection pane

We haven’t made any changes like that, so unless you’re sure it’s not the option “Only preview one line per song section” in the General tab that is causing this, it might be a bug. Which version are you using now and what’s your OS? You could also send us the debug log in case changing that option didn’t resolve things for you.

2019.1 on Windows. I’m also running on Mac as well and it’s present there too. I believe I’m on 19.0 on Mac though. I checked and I don’t have preview one line per song checked. I’m unsure how to share the change log.

here is a picture to show what I’m talking about it only affects Bible verses songs work correctly. Thanks for getting back with me.

Oh, sorry, my bad! I didn’t check if the same thing happened for me as well before replying. In fact, it seems to have been made a change some time back when I look at the code. @berry120, do you know why these lines were commented out? Is it because it creates uneven lines?

Hmm, good question, I’m not sure. It could well be that I wanted to add an option for doing that since it was heavily requested, but never got around to it.

I see. Well, wouldn’t it be better to bind it to wrap the text within the panel width instead of manually creating line breaks if the one-line mode isn’t activated?

Yep, quite agree. I don’t think there’s a good case for manually creating line breaks here, that was likely a hack that was forgotten about.

@OneGodFan, this should now be sorted out in the CI release that should be available within an hour or so, in case you want to try it out. Otherwise it will be in place for the stable release of Quelea 2020.0.

Great! Thanks for the help!