Translation and font size issue

Hello Barry,

I love what you are doing and I find this really helpful and have recommended this to a few of my friends from other churches. My church is a Chinese/English church that sometimes to both, sometimes just one or the other. When adding a translation in the translation tab, after I clicked ok, the database takes forever update but doesn’t update at all. After restarting Quelea, I have to re-add the translation before it can save. When I try to add another song with another translation, I get the same issue where I have to restart Quelea just to get it to update.

Another issue is the font size is not even when I have both Chinese and English as its translation. Think the issue is that the Chinese language uses a one syllable per character instead of one syllable per sect of characters in English, this means you can jam more Chinese characters in a line before you reach the letter limit which therefore maximizes font size when my originally setting was in English font size. Wonder if you have a solution in the pipeline for that.


Hey! Sorry for the delay in replying and thank you for the encouraging words.

I suspect the font size issue is just down to my misunderstanding of Chinese characters as you say - could you send over an example screenshot & song and tell us what it’s meant to look like?

Could you also send us the debug log after you try to add a new translation, in case there’s anything in there we can spot that’s causing the issue?