Adding a specific font

Hi, I am trying to use a specific font for the song words.

I have downloaded a font I want to use, and installed the font on the computer.
When I go into edit style, then the click the more (…) button to add fonts, it does not come up in the available fonts to add.

Can you help? How do I make this font available to use in Quelea?

We pull the list of all available system fonts there, so it should come up if it’s one that you’ve installed. Do you see it appear in other programs (such as text editors) that display the list of all available fonts? That should tell you if it’s installed properly or not.

yeah, it is in other programs. So it seems to be installed properly.

I am experiencing the same on my church’s PC, but not on my personal PC.

I can use fonts on both PC’s in Word, so the fonts are correctly installed on both PCs, but they are only popping up at my personal PC.

I will look into it again on sunday aswell.

Which font are you trying to add and what operating system are you using?