Bible displaying with first letter cut in go live screen output2

when i choose bible verses in windows 10 pro and quela latest version
the first letters of the verses are cut in the live presentation
as per attached screen
the laptop screen with two display
and the output screen with cut words

I have had the same problem when using a TV. I found that the TV was zooming in a little when the aspect ratio on the TV was set to 16:9, but with it set to “point to point”, which is no format, just what goes in comes out, fixed it for me.
Hope this helps you.

If you can’t change the TV settings, you can also create a border around the text (see the Quelea documentation). I found that this only works with the bible text if you have set a custom theme and the theme selected for bible text. It doesn’t seem to work without a theme selected for the bible text.

If you add the following to the .quelea file (as noted in the documentation) it will look like this: