Can I use Quelea to stream to Facebook Live?

We are a small congregation who use Quelea. Currently only 1/4 of the church are able to meet due to COVID restrictions, others join via Facebook live. Is there any way that we can use Quelea to stream live video, slides etc to Facebook Live?
I know Quelea has many great features & is a great bit of tech but can’t figure this out & wondered if someone knew to save me trying.
Also not particularly IT savvy so needs to be an idiots guide if it is possible!
We currently use an iPhone which picks up our sound and is zoomed into the screen/people but can be a bit blurred!
Thank you

You cannot use Quelea to stream directly to Facebook, but we have several users that have been using OBS to combine a video feed with the slides from Quelea to a live video stream. You might want to look at this guide in the OBS forum.

I’m afraid I can’t give you any more detailed pointers than that when it comes to integrating it with Quelea, but perhaps you could search this forum for all OBS-related questions and see if you find what you need. Otherwise, you can always ask a new question here and hopefully someone with more experience with this will help you.

Good luck!