Best options for outputting in building and to live stream

Hi All,
Was wondering what people are currently thinking is the best way to output Quelea to both screens in the Church, and also for a live stream etc. I was initially thinking we would use OBS for some of the streaming, but have gone off that idea (just adds yet another moving part and bit of software for people to get to grips with).

We have gone with the ATEM Television Studio Pro HD. This is mainly because we want to be able to feed different sources to the screens in the building, and also out on zoom… ATEM Minis just don’t cut it! The reason we are sticking with zoom is that we want those who can’t make it back in person to still be able to participate and interact, rather than just watching on YouTube, we want them to be part of the service etc.

When outputting Quelea, we will want to overlay the words on camera output to go on zoom, but not on the main screens in the building… this means two different outputs for Quelea. Preferably lower thirds for zoom, but not the main screens.

A few months ago when I thought we might be using OBS, I started looking at adding NDI output to Quelea, and actually got quite a long way! Main bit I can’t do is fades between lyrics, and outputting video over NDI, neither are a big issue for how we will probably use it. When I did the NDI output, I also forced it to turn off backgrounds for lyrics, and also for the words to be at the bottom of the screen, sort of lower thirds… so, as long as there aren’t too many lines on the screen at any one time, it looks ok! At the moment I have to capture the NDI output and display on a monitor to output to ATEM… then use luma key to overlay the words. See attached outputs for what it looks like, this is just a screen grab of my Mac. The black background one is the NDI output that would then be luma keyed to overlay the words on the video.

What do people think? Any better solutions?



Hello, Matej here,

nice to see someone is interested in solving problems we face as well. We bought Atem mini to stream our services and feed it with 2 cameras. On the third input we have duplicated HDMI input from presenting computer, that presents text from quelea to our stage projector. After a while we also wanted to add texts to our OBS streaming software. Clean texts without background. Someone here at the forum suggested to use luma key, but since we have different background setup (video/image) we did not go this way and created our own software called “quelobizer”. It uses quelea server to consume clean texts and adds option to modify font and color. Than you add to OBS just HTML source with URL to quelobizer. This way you get text for your live stream directly from quelea. Also some people are sending us videos which we stream during the services as greetings. Here comes the third input from presenting computer into Atem and we can stream videos directly. It gives us a lot of flexibility not using the luma key in Atem but have it separately in OBS to show texts directly from quelea.

We would be VERY MUCH interested in NDI if it will be able to skip the whole luma key processing step. I believe you need to turn it on somehow on Atem which is a little bit inconvenient (I am not sure if it could be done for single input source only, but most probably it could).

I saw also some python scripts which inspired me to create quelobizer (because they were quite difficult for me to understand and there was no simple manual how to use them). So just created java application and provided it for free to anyone who wants to give it a try. It is open to any new suggestions if someone finds himself in need of using something extra.

Thanks, some useful thoughts there. Yes, I’m definitely looking at adding NDI support to Quelea, which would effectively provide another output for Quelea, which is lower thirds for the words, with no background. This can then be picked up by OBS (with the NDI plugin) to overlay over a video etc. I’ve got most of it working, but still need to do a bit more on theming of the words and also positioning etc. It won’t be in 2021 Release, but should be in a CI release at some point after that.

Please take a look to GitHub - TiagoMRodrigues/Quelea2OBS