I would like to be able to go facebook live can you assist me with this

Afraid that’s not something Quelea supports directly, and I’m not sure how that works - it may be that you can use OBS to stream to Facebook live and point OBS at the Quelea projection window, but I’m afraid I don’t have any specific experience with that.

That would work. For songs and scripture you can output with a solid background and use a Chroma Key to overlay on other sources. We have done this with OBS. We currently use a Black Magic ATEM Mini PRO to accomplish the same. HDMI output from Quelea goes to the ATEM and the words overlay the video of our worship team or pastor during livestream.

We have yet to change from EasyWorship2007 to Quelea so I am looking at the possibilities. With Covid restrictions we are looking at ways to reach those who cannot come to our worship times. Zoom is one possibility but may be over complicated (we are a church of only about 20). The first people we would like to reach only have a phone, no internet. We could use the recording option and mail it out but is there a live option?