Schedule file disappearing

I have imported an Afrikaans bible that I downloaded from the Zephania website (link found on the Quelea site) I have since been getting an error

See attached. The computer the software is running on is not connected to the internet.
I have now on numerous occasions lost the schedule file created previously. For instance: I create the schedule file for Sunday on a Thursday during band practice, and on a Sunday the directory is empty. I tried to save the file in a different directory but when I try to open it again, the file is corrupt.
Please help


Please take a look at this call for instructions to clear the bible pop-up:

Regards and blessings,

Dirk / Q user

With respect to the disappearing schedule files: what Quelea version are you running?


I will have to check that


quelea version 2019.1

The bible SF_2009-01-20_AFR_AFR3353_(1933_1953 AFRIKAANS BYBEL).zip from SOURGEFORCE is technically ok: after extracting the .xml it can be added to the Windows version of Q 2019.1. Also, I can’t reproduce the reported schedule disappearing/corruption.

Where do you keep your schedule files (and perhaps also the corrupted .xml) : on an USB stick perhaps?

I was wondering: are you still having these missing or corrupted schedules?
If so, is your harddrive or USB stick technically ok?

I can confirm this also happened to us. On investigation, we somehow had shortcuts pointing to an old version of Quelea, and to the latest. I am not sure exactly how this occurred… Once we deleted the dud shortcut the problem hasn’t happened again. I am not sure if that was a fix or coincidence.

No it is kept in the default directory for the Schedules

Not kept on a stick and the hard drive is technically sound, not hassles with any other applications

We do not have any other versions of Quelea as this was a new installation on a new desktop. After I deleted the corrupt bible file, it has not happened again