Counting How many times a song is used

Hi all,

I’m working on helping our church with our multimedia presentations, and I happened to come across this program. It seems to do most of what I am looking for in a pretty easy to use manner, and the active forum is very encouraging.

Is there a way to keep track of how many times a song is used in a service? Like for example if the worship team play Living hope 4 times in a month, I would be able to go and see that it was used 4 times, and if they played it another 3 times next month it would go up to 7. I know OpenLP and Song of Songs has that feature, so I was wondering if that was something Quelea has also. Maybe also a field somewhere where I could put the worship leader’s name.

Hello Rynjas,
I’ve added this request for song counting information to the following request for change on Quelea Github
Regards and blessings,
Dirk / Q user


Awesome! Thanks. That information would be really helpful.

Also I know this is sort of a separate topic, but is there a way to export songs as .docx instead of.pdf? Either in the program itself or if there’s an easy way to merge and convert all the songs from a set into one document. I’m sure I can find a way to do it but I wanted to see if anyone else here has any experience with that process.

Thanks Dirk that will assist with the annual report to CCLI.

To lessen the effort on the ccli reporting, our church currently uses the Quelea menu option “Export order of service to PDF” to do the reporting on a weekly basis. This schedule PDF shows the CCLI number of a song, as registered in the Quelea database. Then, once every quater, we press the button “Done reporting” in CCL Online Reporting.