Translations doenst work with Song Sequence

After I display the chorus for the second time, the translation no longer matches the chorus. It is displayed from the following verse.

If I enter the songs completely and don’t use the Song Sequence feature everything works fine.

Song Sequence: V1 C1 V2 C1 V3 V4…
Verse 1
Translation Verse 1

Translation Chorus

Verse 2
Translation Verse 2

Translation Verse 3 Error

Verse 3
Translation Verse 4 Error

Is it possible for you to create a Github issue for this?
In this way the developers can track this.

I created a issue in Github(my Name on github is Duebel_Walter). And Berry solved the original Problem.

Translations Work now with quelea 2022 and the Song Sequence.
But now WE have a New Problem with songsequence it was the following issued (i Had Seen you answered this issue) (Please excuse my Bad english).