How do I get a simple list of the songs currently in the database?

Now that I have nearly 2/3 of our song library entered into Quelea, I would like to make a list of what I have and compare it the list of songs we had on our Mac, so that I can complete the job.

Is there a way to dump the list of songs to a text file?
For the moment, I exported every song to pdf, unzipped and used the directory listing.
If there isn’t anyway to do this other than that, consider this a feature request.

When I have the entire library entered, I’d like to dump the lot to individual text files also – complete with Verse, Chorus etc markings. The pdfs I exported didn’t have those markings.


Your suggestion is useful to our church as well.
I registered a request for change for this:

RFC: new menu item - Database, Export, List of Songs #187

This is now in the CI release, slated for a 2020.0 stable release.

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