Custom output options

It would be nice to have NDI, syphon/spout as output options for main and confidence monitor displays other than the locally connected system displays. This is the only option i’m missing from Propresenter and i could replace it completly now after the 2020.0 update.

Hey, sorry for the slow reply! I believe some people have had success using Quelea with OBS and an NDI plugin, which may be a route to investigate - it’s unlikely we’ll be able to add native NDI support into Quelea any time soon as we don’t have any NDI compatible kit available to test on, which would make development a bit of a chore. That said, it’d certainly be a nice feature to have, so we’ll keep an eye on things and maybe it’s something we’ll be able to look at in the future.

One thing that could really be useful is to add a 3rd output. At present, we have 2 outputs, one for front of house with animated backgrounds, etc. One for stage view which has the chords displayed, etc. Once Covid hit, we needed to bring in lower thirds and then used the stage display for lower thirds. Using NDI desktop capture works well… But, we sacrifice the chords view.

If we had one more output, then we can use that for NDI and then use desktop capture to bring it into live stream software…